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  • What are the differences between the Zone, Alphaeon S, and Alphaeon E models?"
    Tesoro provide the most suitable chairs for any situation, three distinctive series are available to choose from: Zone Using quality material with high endurance to manufacture, the racing seat shape and the affordable price can get you into the gaming "zone" smooth and swift. Alphaeon S series The combination of "alpha" and "aeon" represents its status in the field and its expectancy. With the quality texture and fashion design, you shall stand out as the "alpha" in both a gamer base or a deluxe office. Alphaeon E series Designed with best ergonomic function, the E series can be easily adjusted into the perfect foam that best suits you. Giving you a chair that's made for you to get everything done.
  • Which Tesoro chair is a good fit for me?
    The Tesoro chairs are suited for all kind of situation with best experience for sitting, whether it's for having a great time playing game or getting in the top shape for daily work. Tesoro chair comes in a variety of products for you to pick. The Zone series are perfectly built for best gaming experience, it's the first choice for a gamer who's hitting the major league Alphaeon S series got the look and the feel, old fashioned black with lines of neon shines out. Fitting in while catching the attention in the room no matter it's an office or a gamer base. Alphaeon E series got the latest ergonomic design, with adjustable features from the bottom to the top, giving you a chance to customize your chair to support you in the most comfortable position.
  • What is the weight limit for Tesoro chairs?
    The weight limits for the Tesoro Zone series, Alphaeon S series, and Alphaeon E series are found below: Zone Speed-120kg Zone Balance-120kg Zone X-150kg Alphaeon S1-120kg Alphaeon S2-120kg Alphaeon S3-120kg Alphaeon E3-136kg Alphaeon E5-136kg Alphaeon E5Hybrid-136kg
  • Do you offer co-branded chairs?
    We have worked with the world-famous football club-Real Madrid to launch our co-branded gaming chair which favored by gamers worldwide, on the other hand, we are also working with multiple popular brands for more co-brand projects. Be sure to subscribe our social media for more information. FB : IG : Twitter :
  • Which materials are used in chairs from Tesoro?
    Tesoro chair start with a solid steel frame at its core, packed with a cold foam padding a high density of approx. While quite firm, the great advantage of the higher density foam is that it will keep its shape for years of use. Composed with Nylon and Polyurethane, our high-quality castors show exceptional movement on both soft and hard floors while our Polyurethane adjustable armrests offer a wide range of movement which give you a comfortable position the way you pleased. Covered with PU leather or DuPont tree mesh(E series only), giving the customer a comfortable feel which requires little maintenance. Good quality also comes without the cost of animal material.
  • Where can I buy a Tesoro chair?
    You can view our products in the following site and purchase them
  • Do Tesoro have any certification on their chairs?
    Our E series chairs have the BIFMA certified by 120,000 times tests, and all series have the gas lifts obtained TÜV class 4 approved.
  • What is the difference between Real Leather and PU Leather?
    PU leather used none animal material to construct, despite that it still holds a very similar feel and appearance while being vegan friendly. PU leather are now almost as resilient and as the real leather, at the same time requires far less care to maintain than the real leather has to in order to stay in good shape.
  • Is the Pillow Set included on ALL models?
    Except the Alphaeon E series, all Tesoro chairs have a pillow that allow users having extra comfort for head while sitting. Zone speed doesn't have the lumbar pillow like other models.
  • What features does your ergonomic chairs possess?
    There are a number of things that our ergonomic chairs have, including: Neck rest – 2D adjustable neck rest gives your head a proper rest in the best way you want. Seat height – Our chair’s seat height is easily adjustable. The seat height ranges from about 48-56 centimeters off the floor. This allows the user to have his or her feet flat on the floor, with thighs horizontal and arms even with the height of the desk. Seat depth – Our seat have a 5cm range depth to support any user comfortably. It also can tilt for 21 degrees. Lumbar support – Our ergonomic chair has a lumbar adjustment so each user can get the proper fit to support the inward curve of the lower back. Seat material – Made with Dupont tree mesh, allowing the seat to be breathable and comfortable after long hours of sitting. It's also easy to maintain and resilience against damage. E5 Hybrid has a extra PU leather reinforced, giving it a smooth cover and a high class style looking. Armrests – 4D adjustable armrests allow the user’s arms to rest comfortably and shoulders to be relaxed.
  • Does my seat come fully assembled?
    No, our chairs will arrive with easy to follow assembly instructions. Acroding to record, it only takes about half an hour for an inexperienced person to build.
  • How do you suggest I maintain my Tesoro chair?
    PU leather and DuPont tree mesh are easily to maintain than real leather, just using dry cloth to wipe the chair is mostly enough. If there's visible stain, spray a little detergent on the cloth and wipe it off.
  • Where can I find assembly instructions for Tesoro chair?
    We always provide an assembly instruction along our products, we also have lookup resource of assembly instructions if you need it. Here's the link
  • Preorder/ EDT/ Warranty
    There are some issues you might encounter, but due the the difference of countries, we can't provide a clear solution for certain problems, such as: Preorder Estimate delivery time and tracking order status Product warranty period For above or other questions, please contact the local supplier in your country
  • Other Questions
    If you have any questions that’s not related to any above, you can contact us here. We'll make sure to help you as soon as possible. FB : IG : Twitter :
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